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11th Grade STEM PBL

 Integrated Curriculum

Project/Unit Planning Template


TOPIC:  Public Health, Urban Planning, Agriculture, Natural Disasters and Industry in Los Angeles SCHOOL:


GRADE LEVEL TEAM:  11th grade

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  Each of the 5 cohorts, comprised of 30-35 students each, plan, research and build a museum to educate the public about one of the above topics.  Students build their museums by researching information, organizing the content in order to divide the topic into subcategories, designing and building exhibits that are interactive and informative, and serving as hosts of their museum during public viewing days.   In addition to the exhibits, students also design and produce a brochure, website, documentary and scrapbook.
ESSENTIAL QUESTION:   How is your topic important to the past, present and future of Los Angeles?



American Literature


American History


Interactive Math







How are important concepts in your topic depicted in American Literature?


How has your topic developed over the years?


How does the use of algebraic functions help understand and predict future trends based on past and present data?


How does the use of chemical processes help in the development of solutions to problems caused by human impact within your topic?



What are some techniques and vocations in biotechnology within your topic?



Aesthetically pleasing – The exhibit and all parts of the project are aesthetically pleasing and put together well.


Presentation Skills – Docents present well and show obvious expertise in the subject.



Informative and Cogent – The exhibit presentation is informative and cogent.


American References – The museum exhibit includes a strong reference to a piece of American literature, American music or American art that has an obvious relationship to your topic.


Rhetoric and Parenthetical Referencing – The exhibit and all parts of the presentation are well written The exhibit and written portions of the project are accurately parenthetically referenced.



Chronological and spatial thinking – A full variety of sources are used including academic, professional, and govt. journal articles, technical drawings/data.


Interpretation and analysis of sources – Demonstrates a thorough examination of data; shows an advanced degree of compare, contrast, evaluative, and contextual interpretation.


Historical connections, conclusions  and predictions based on analysis of sources

-Mature and insightful historical connections are made in connection with topic.

-Strong conclusions are drawn based on evidence from a variety of sources.

-Mature academic predictions are made based on evidence from multiple sources.





Two graphs related to the topic

-Appropriately labeled and scaled

-Shows past/present /future

-Algebraic functions are used to describe it

-It is used for future predictions


Algebra / Pre Calculus Connection

-Math concept used is relevant to topic

-It is made understandable to the general public


Geometry / Trigonometry connection

-Math concept used is relevant to topic

-Math concept is made understandable to the general public


Blueprint of the museum

-Accurately labeled and scaled

-Shows in detail how the displays are organized in the classroom








The chemical processes relate to the topic – the processes represent important parts or considerations of the topic.


The chemical processes are correctly displayed – correct chemical formulas are used and equations are properly balanced.


The chemical processes are correctly explained – chemical processes are thoroughly explained using correct terminology and methodology.


The chemical processes are correctly analyzed – processes are analyzed using conversions and / or graphs that are correctly displayed.


The chemical processes are related to the “real world” aspects of the topic –  shows the investigation of governmental and / or  private sector practices have been investigated.



Biotechnology processes are explained – the steps of all processes are thoroughly explained in a logical order.


Specific examples of biotechnology are given – specific examples of historical and current cutting-edge techniques are shown.


The vocations of individuals who perform the biotechnology processes are investigated – thorough discussion of the education, training and career pathways of individuals who perform the biotechnology processes is done.















Project Options





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